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New Zealand's lax airport security

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The Sunday Star Times reported this morning on how they had reporters sneak box cutters onto domestic flights. The result: an indication of a worrying lack of security.

I wish I was surprised, but I've noticed before that there is very little security on domestic flights.

Take Wellington airport. Last time I took a flight to Rotorua, the routine was as follows: Check main baggage during check in (cabin baggage wasn't inspected), wait at gate for boarding call, let staff check ticket, proceed through door directly onto the taxiing area, board plane from ground. Pretty much the same level of security was in force at Rotorua when I took the plane back (i.e. none whatsoever).

That there hasn't been a terrorist attack here involving an aeroplane is nothing short of a miracle.

Posted October 3, 2004 10:02 PM

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