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Thoughts on Alien versus Predator

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Having finally gotten LJ's feed showing full posts, I'm promptly going to post something under a cut, mainly because it has spoilers in it, but also because it's long. Hopefully I'm doing this right...

This here post is a long ramble I just wrote about Alien versus Predator and it contains spoilers. You'll probably want to skip it if you haven't seen the movie yet and want to, or if you don't really care.

And on we go:

All right, that Dark Horse script then

The character Alexa Woods in AVP takes the same role. The major difference is that Hiroko leaves on the Predator ship, presumably to join them in hunts.

The Aliens' Life Cycle

In Alien, Kane is face-hugged in the bowels of the derelict ship. The rest of the crew have time to haul him back up, take him back to the Nostromo, attempt a face-hugger removal procedure which goes horribly wrong, and finally start having a meal, before the chest-burster decorates the walls with his internal organs. In AVP, the life cycle seems to be extremely rapid. The face hugging occurs and within 20-30 minutes (the pyramid was rearranging its internal structure ever ten minutes!) there are full-sized adult aliens running around causing mayhem.

This does make sense - the last thing the Predators want to have to do is wait around for three hours while the Aliens get sorted. Therefore the Aliens in AVP were likely genetically modified to have a rapid growth rate (and presumably somewhere in the pyramid was secreted a pile of preserved food to give them something to feed on in order to get big).

The Back-Story

The back-story is interesting. Ancient humans worshipped the Predators as gods. Their civilisation was co-opted to provide victims for the face-huggers to provide prey for the Predators to hunt. The pyramids were built as hunting grounds. This all occurred in Antarctica prior to the ice cap forming over it (Antarctica has been covered with ice for roughly 5 million years, well predating man, however IJAM). The civilisation ended when the Predators nuked the place cause they lost (Predators are bad losers. Never play a game of chess against a Predator, unless you're not particularly fond of the surrounding area).

Does this mean that the Predators created the Aliens, and the mystery is all gone? I'm going to claim that the fact the Aliens in AVP have a sped up life cycle indicates that the Predators did some genetic modification on an existing species, and the Aliens in the other films are au naturale.

The Predators

Are much the same as in the other two movies. Is it just me or do they look bulkier? Why don't they pack acid-resistant weaponry? Also, why'd they leave their energy weapons in the pyramid (and only three. The three Predators who turn up were probably chosen from a pool of potential warriors (suggested in the movie: "Only the chosen may enter").

It's stated that the Alien hunt only takes place every 100 years, which could indicate (1) the Predator have a long and slow life cycle, (2) they have hunt pyramids on other worlds, or (3) they go on safari a lot ALA the two Predator movies. Given that the Aliens aren't common in Ripley's time, I'm voting for 3.

Do I need a life?

Answers on the back of a postcard. (alternately, hell yes)

Posted October 4, 2004 7:15 PM


No you do not need a life. You already have one.
Fuck anyone who says otherwise. You're a good,
decent man, and the world would be a better
place if there were more people like you in
it. Take it from one who envies your calm
and your simple, intelligent kindness.

Posted by: Bash Hardcastle | November 28, 2005 2:03 AM

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