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New Zealand can no longer feel superior to the US regarding the bungling of elections. The recent local body elections here have been well and truly screwed because the computers counting the votes somehow "lost" a good portion of them, throwing the results into doubt.

Florida, eat your heart out.

On BlogShares, this weblog got voted into the sarcasm industry. I was surprised and mystified - I didn't think any of my previous entries had been significantly sarcastic.

I ordered a couple of copies of the DVD of Greg the Bunny from Amazon a couple of days ago. GtB is a brilliant series which was cancelled after only a handful of episodes. It's currently screening here on TV3 late on Monday night.

Although Amazon says the DVD is supposed to be released on the 19th, I got an email today saying it had been shipped. It must have come out early or something. Cool, anyway. When it gets here, I intend to make some GtB LiveJournal icons.

I also bought the two Matrix sequels on DVD today (for $20 a piece. Niiiiice) bringing my total DVD count to Too Damn Many.

Posted October 13, 2004 5:27 PM

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