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Reinstalling Windows

Filed in: Computers.

Things I've noted while reinstalling Windows:

  1. The process is far more painful than it should be. The biggest problem is, of course, every piece of hardware needing software drivers. Plug and Play never really did work...
  2. More software needs to keep its settings somewhere other than the registry. I discovered that FireFox must do, because reinstalling Windows wiped out all the settings, extensions and bookmarks. This added extra hassle to an already annoying procedure. In contrast, software like Pegasus runs without me having to reinstall or reconfigure it. This Is Nice. (Of course, even FireFox's way is better than IE, where I have to download the browser all over again.)
  3. Downloading 40 different critical updates is stupid. Microsoft should package them all as one, and update the critical update package every time they issue a new update. Update.

Am currently installing DirectX 9.0c so I can have some games working again. Apple's range of computers is becoming more and more attractive.

Addendum: Am now downloading MSN Messenger, which brings up two more good points: (a) 6.7MB is way too big for an instant message program. (b) "setup9x.exe" is a dumb name for an installer. In three weeks, how will I know what application it's for?

Posted October 17, 2004 6:36 PM

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