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Star Trek: Voyager

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If you've been reading my LiveJournal, you'll know I've been rewatching Star Trek: Voyager starting from the beginning, as a mate of mine is buying the DVD box sets. Now, at the end of season 2, I thought I'd pause, reflect, and make some LiveJournal icons.

Our story so far: Lost in the Delta quadrant, thousands of light-years from home, the crew of Voyager attempt to return to the Alpha quadrant before the network cancels the show.

[Picture of Voyager]

A few of the Gaulscrew:

[Captain Janeway]

Captain Janeway has, as you might have expected, proven herself a capable captain. She's able to make the hard decisions for her crew, from destroying the Caretaker array, to the infinitely difficult choice between the existence of Tuvix and the two crew members he was composed of. Wadda woman.


Chakotay oddly doesn't seem like the kind who'd be leading a bunch of terrorists (which, let's face it, is basically what the Marqui were). He seems such a nice bloke.

Although there are occasionally hints that he and Janeway might become an item, they got stranded on a planet together and didn't make babies. Not even little ones.


Despite being a Vulcan and being incapable of lying, Tuvok still managed a covert mission to infiltrate the Marqui. In his spare time, he practices the control of his irritation, aided by Neelix. Your typical Vulcan.

Like Neelix, his character is at its most interesting when he's under incredible stress.


Although quick to anger due to her Klingon genes, B'Elanna Torres has slotted into the Starfleet routine without much apparent trouble. Can always be counted on to come up with a last-minute plan to fix a technical problem, even if it involves phasering something.

Currently showing no interest in Tom Paris at all, though they will eventually be shagging like bunnies.


Tom Paris is much too good-natured to have ended up in a Starfleet penal colony - obviously the Federation has a lack of really hardened criminals. Spends his spare time making French holoprograms, attempting to aid Kim in getting his end away, and attempting to make Neelix jealous.


Ensign Kim seems to have more interest in technology than in the fairer sex, and may, in fact, be sleeping with a tricorder. Always neat and respectable. Plays a clarinet.

Once ended up back on Earth with his beautiful fiance due to a space/time paradox, but threw it all away so he could get back to Voyager and see some more alien technology.


The ship's holographic doctor can perform many miracles of medical science, such as turning Janeway and Paris from lizards back into humans. Mysteriously he is unable to clone new lungs for Neelix. Suspect HoloDoc secretly hates Neelix.

Once had a torrid fling with a visiting Vidiian doctor, or would have done had she been on board long enough.


Neelix is usually at his most interesting when he's at his most stressed - when a mass murderer comes on board, for instance. He doubles as ship's cook and moral officer. It's hard to see sometimes why the crew put up with him, since there's rarely a good word said about his cooking.

Seethes with jealously every time another man so much as looks at Kes.


Despite coming from an insanely short-lived species, Kes is intelligent and a quick learner. He's being tutored by the HoloDoc in medicine and Tuvok is helping her develop her mental abilities. Her relationship with Neelix is quite disturbing considering she's only two years old.

Voted most likely to come back as a super-being and threaten the crew.

The two major races introduced so far are the Kazon (big-haired Klingon wannabes) and the more-interesting Vidiians. Next up is season 3, the last season before the introduction of Seven of Nine.

I will make a proper page on my LiveJournal stuff site and add some more Voyager icons to it as I create them...

Posted October 20, 2004 9:44 PM

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