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The Alien Words of Fear

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They do it on purpose, I swear... Big Finish authors, that is. I was starting on the DCG entry for Arrangements for War on the weekend, and there was one of those annoying alien words in it that I had to listen to five times to work out what they were saying. In Arrangements the word was "Quisapen", a country on the planet Világ. I'm still not sure whether I've spelt it correctly.

Previous such words include:

I wonder if the original DisContinuity Guide writers had this problem.

Currently we're about 6 audios behind in the Guide. Two entries are in the process of being compiled, and I've at least listened to The Harvest. The next three Doctor Who audios are sitting on my desk, still in their wrappers... taunting me... daring me to unwrap them... ARGH!


Posted October 28, 2004 9:53 PM

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