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November in Tetrapyriarbus News

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Take two, as I managed to crash Firefox last time...

Ya know what I'm tired of? Referrer spammers. Seriously, I'm tired of seeing a bizarre site pop up in the referrer list, and going to visit it, only to discover it's some completely irrelavant site selling yoghurt or something. No, really, WTF?

There were still some 3000 or so 301 redirections, again, mostly due to Yahoo, but judging by a recent post on the Yahoo! Search Blog they're on top of it. Excellent. Now about some of those other search crawlers (Grub, for instance, doesn't treat 301 redirections properly).

Anyway, on with the pointless stuff: Ze most popular DiscContinuity Guide Entries were:

  1. Land of the Dead
  2. The Twilight Kingdom
  3. Davros
  4. Storm Warning
  5. The Natural History of Fear

We are behind on those. People will be punished. Or something. Anyway, the most popular NZDWFC archive items were:

  1. Moonboots and Dinner Suits review
  2. Who Killed Kennedy eBook
  3. I Exterminated JNT
  4. Build Your Own TARDIS review
  5. Davros artwork

So much the same as last time, only with an added obsession for moon boots. Why, I wonder...

Posted December 8, 2004 9:14 PM

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