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Cryptic Number Plate

Filed in: Misc.

As I was driving home, I noticed the car in front of me had the number plate "SUPOOH". I can't work out what it's supposed to mean. Could mean Winnie the Pooh is now a sysadmin (Super User Pooh) or possibly it's some sort of slang (S'up Ooh. Who's Ooh?)...

Why get a personalised plate and put something that cryptic on it??

Posted December 13, 2004 5:40 PM


I like the admin theory. (I thought of that as soon as I read it :)

Now.... if one added a pooh command, what would it do? just send "Oh, bother." to stdout? What, then, would supooh do?

If the vehicle was an SUV.... that makes for a Sports Utility Pooh.

It could also be parsed as "'Sup? Ooh!"

Why put something opaque on your plate? Dunno, but a few ideas:

1) you want to give others a gift ("here's something to think about"),
2) you want to collect insurance money (if they rear-end you 'cause they weren't paying attention and thinking about the plate
3) the content you want on the plate has already been assigned in the predominant language (so you choose the same content in a different language)
4) you want a certain group of people to know something (and if they figure it out, you'll know something about them

3) and 4) apply to my plate: "OKEHA".

-- the bug

Posted by: mosquito | December 13, 2004 7:22 PM

I thought of a better interpretation today. If you say it aloud and then consider what it might be,

S U Pooh ---> becomes ---> bless you, Pooh.

How does that sound?

Posted by: mossy | December 16, 2004 3:27 PM

Could be a lawyer who represents people wanting to litigate in the 100-Aker Wood.

Posted by: Tom Beck | December 16, 2004 3:31 PM

SU could also possibly be interpreted as "Shut Up" or "Sports Utility", perhaps...

Posted by: Alden Bates | December 16, 2004 4:15 PM

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