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What's on my desk

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Pinched from Lyssie:

List everything that's on your computer desk! I know we all have messy desks, but try to get everything. You can tell a lot about a person from their clutter.

This also gives me an excuse to clean it a bit. :P

From the right-hand side:

  • One HP ScanJet scanner, on top of which is: a Doctor Who clipping about a fan with DW tattoos, a section of newspaper containing a review of Medulla, a section of paper containing a review of Doctor Who Magazine, a rectangular piece of cardboard, a desk organiser (containing a pack of cards, assorted exotic pens and a pencil, and one scraggly roll of sticky tape), and a Kodak digital camera in a Lowepro camera bag.
  • One Canon printer (with dried up ink cartrage) on which is: storyboards for a comic strip I'm "working" on, assorted envelopes (one containing copies of Where the Seas's Asleep, a Windows 98 print test page, a cheats sheet for Unreal Tournament 2004, a Soundz bag, a magazine clipping of Geri Halliwell popping out, AMI insurance policy renewal bill, three TV Weeks, a plastic ruler with "Morgan" written on it, one DVD of Barbarella, and a VHS tape with the first episode of the new Battlestar Galactica series taped on it.
  • A computer tower (beige and powder blue) on top of which is a blue scented candle, an empty candle holder, a "Round Tuit", and a stereo speaker, on top of which is a wireless network aerial.
  • A mouse pad, mouse, one Eeyore drinking glass, a pencil, two used matches.
  • A 19-inch computer monitor (beige) flanked by two speakers, on top of which is a unicorn beanie baby and a plastic face with orange fuzzy hair. There should be a webcam as well.
  • A keyboard (beige)
  • A misubishi Black Diamond VCR (black)
  • A Philips DVD player (silver)
  • A Panasonic television (Silver) on which is an anteater beanie baby, and the missing webcam
  • An Alcatel cellphone in a holder
  • A video with no label on it, a copy of V-Rally 2, a PSX version of Medal of Honor Underground, Railroad Tycoon II, a jewel case with a blank CDR and Unreal Tournament 2003 Disc One in it (so that's where that was!), a jewel case with a blank CDR in it, Ulead Video Studio 6, another blank CDR, Geri Halliwell's It's Raining Men single, an empty CDR case, five Big Finish audios (Her Final Flight, The Next Life, The Last, Caerdroia, and The Juggernauts, and Inside Björk on DVD.
  • And finally a pile of crap including: assorted Lotto tickets, remote controls (TV, VCR, DVD player), a bank statement, Star Trek: Voyager (season 4, disc 3) in a plastic sleeve, The X Files (Season 1, disc 1) in a slimline case, a fanvideo (Doctor Who: Spyrogyra) on a DVDR, Star Trek: Armada, assorted crap from some investment companies, a VISA bill (paid), a pair of headphones, a box of paracetamol tablets, RTP resubscription form, TSV #30, a copy of Doctor Who: Travel Without the TARDIS, Björk Live in Cambridge on DVD, RTP #19, two bootable floppy disks, Soltek motherboard manual and driver CD, assorted Doctor Who related magazine clippings, 2 Telecom bills (paid), AMI vehicle Insurance policy, DVDRW Drive driver disk, Kodak camera manual, "Go Black" bumper sticker, empty CDR box, USB cable for digital camera, Duran Duran: Greatest (DVD), ancient ATM dockets, cover letter which accompanied my copy of Janubia's Mother Tongue, copy of Massive Attack's 100th Window (non functional), pencil, eraser, pen, small padlock, 3 rubber bands, section of PC case, empty CDR case, video tape with "Angelx2 Starate, Voyager Transformers, South Park Transf Angel" written on it, The Sixth Doctor Who Dictionary, Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel (Night of the Living Rerun), CDR in case, two Christmas cards (I like to think they are from 2004, but I suspect not), 3 Doctor Who Magazine renewal forms, paper bag dating from April '04, bank statement, some video tape stickers, response from NZ Post to a lost mail query (in the negative, unfortunately), envelope addressed from Meg Lahey, NZ Post customer inquiry booklet, AA car registration holder, assorted register dockets, one half of a movie ticket, sticker from front of Immortal Memory, cover letter from some fanvideos I was sent a while back to take screen shots from, plastic zip-lock bag, assorted PC Case screws, a number of fridge ties, one black elasticy thing.
  • Dust

*Goes to get vacuum cleaner*

Posted March 4, 2005 8:49 PM


I would take part in this little activity, but I'm scared that if I move something to check, the whole lot will come tumbling down. I do know that under a lot of the junk are a few music CDs, a book on XML, my recent bank statements and a graphics tablet. There might me a cup with mould growing in it too, that'd explain the smell....

(Surfed in via B.E.)

Posted by: Jem | March 5, 2005 4:10 AM

It can be scary work all right...

Posted by: Alden Bates | March 5, 2005 9:41 AM

Hi Alden,

I just googled "eeyore drinking glass" cause i am in BIG TROUBLE!!! One of my mates just broke my girlfriends fave eeyore glass, and im dead meat when she gets back from Perth. Sooo..... a) if it happens to be the same as one now destroyed version, b) would you be interested in selling said glass (if you still have it in your possession. Forever in your service should the answer be yes to both questions.

Paul :-)

Posted by: Paul | July 28, 2006 10:04 PM

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