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This Week in Doctor Who

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*** DoctorWho ( has joined #BBC1
* Chanserv set mode: +v DoctorWho
<+DoctorWho> W00T! We're back!
<Public> Hey, this is that show with the bloke with the scarf!
* Fanboy1 facepalms
<+DoctorWho> Dumdedum...
* DoctorWho transmits.
* Fanboy1 watches.
<Public> Weeeeeeee!
<Fanboy1> Ummmm...
<Fanboy1> ...
*** GNorton ( has joined #BBC1
* Chanserv set mode: +v GNorton
<+GNorton> Hello!
<+GNorton> Whups, wrong channel! Sorry!
*** GNorton ( has left #BBC1
<Fanboy1> Ummmm...
<Fanboy1> Argh!
<Public> This is fun!
<Fanboy1> OMG, *that's* the console room?
<+DoctorWho> Next week: some more stuff will happen!
<+DoctorWho> Later, all.
*** DoctorWho ( has left #BBC1
<Fanboy1> OMG! That was crap! Where's the nearest forum so I may voice my displeasure?
*** Fanboy1 ( has left #BBC1
<@JTranter> !Chanstats 26/03/2005
<Chanserv> There were 10.5 million chatters in #BBC1
<@JTranter> OMG!
<@JTranter> :D
<FamousEccles> 10.5 million?! :O
<FamousEccles> Why didn't the server collapse?
<@JTranter> This rocks! Let's make another season! And a Christmas special!
* FamousEccles reads some online forums.
<FamousEccles> D:
<FamousEccles> You know...
*** FamousEccles has quit IRC: Typecasting sucks
<@JTranter> Doh!
-> *DTennant* How's your schedule for the next 9 months?

Any resemblance between persons living or dead purely accidental, etc, etc. My apologies if this doesn't make sense to you. I was bored.

Posted April 1, 2005 8:10 PM


And now it's been revealed that Eccleston was only going to stay for one year all along and the death/regeneration was planned for and supposed to be a shocking surprise for seasons end. The BBC let the cat out of the bag early.

Posted by: averagejoe | April 7, 2005 3:32 AM

Yup! Bad BBC! No biscuit!

Posted by: Alden Bates | April 7, 2005 10:36 AM

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