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UT Review: Thrust

Filed in: Unreal Tournament.

Level: AS-CBP2-Thrust
Type: Assault
File Size: 17.4 MB
Rating: 7/10

Description: A series of buildings in a lush green island in (what looks like) a sea of oil.

Assault is by far my favourite Unreal Tournament game type, so I was dead chuffed when they brought it back for 2004. Unfortunately there haven't been a hell of a lot for custom levels made for it, so when I saw the second Community Bonus Pack contained one, I jumped at the chance to get another Assault level to play. Thrust is pretty good.

There are three main objectives - the aim being to launch the Saturn rocket half-fueled in order to abort the mission. Objective 1 is to launch the guidance rocket. The attacking team get a Goliath tank and some Scorpions, the defending team get a Raptor. Both teams get AVRILs, which shortens the life of the vehicles considerably. From the starting point, the attacking team has to get onto the top of the rocket launch pad to the switch

As well as objective 2, there's a secondary objective the attacking team can capture which gives them an additional weapons, armor and another Goliath to help them hit objective 2 - the refueling switch. Unfortunately for the defending team, they respawn at objective 2, and the secondary objective is a fair hike away with no vehicles... Objective 2 is defended by no less than three chaingun turrets, but again the attacking team have two tanks... Plus there's a lower-risk side platform that can be used to get to the switch past the turrets.

Objective 3 is to launch the rocket itself, requiring entering another building (defended by a single turret), climbing to the roof, and jumping across to the switch on the other side of the rocket. More easily defended than attacked. There doesn't seem to be any movie whatzits set on the objectives, so once the round ends, you're left staring at the current objective in play.

The scenery is really really nice, assuming you have time to look at it before you're blown to bits.
Rockets launching = Excellent.

The goliaths often leave the defending team outgunned.
That sun can be blinding at times.

Guidance rocket launch!
Objective 2
Blue team defend objective 2
The Saturn IX PCNR Rocket

Posted May 2, 2005 10:55 PM

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