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UT Review: The Battle of Celeste

Filed in: Unreal Tournament.

Level: AS-Confexia
Type: Assault
File Size: 40.9 MB
Rating: 9/10

Description: A vast ruined city.

This is one of the best of the custom maps out there for UT2004. Patterned after the Xan sequence from the opening cut scenes of the game, Confexia feels more like you've been dropped into a war zone than a tournament game. It's not uncommon to respawn, reload, and run out in time to catch a tank shell. There are many many objectives, and they taken quite a bit of punishment to destroy, so a round can take in excess of 20 minutes...

It's almost worth taking a look in spectator mode just to see the amount of detail in this level. There's a lot you'll miss during gameplay, including some nice authentic-looking tents in one place. The scenery is quite wonderful and extremely moody. Persistant rain always adds a lot to a level.

Objective 1: The City Perimeter: A fairly exposed outpost. The attacking team get Mantas. Hard to defend because it's out in the open, but the defenders get AVRILs which help...

Objective 2: Tank production facility: Somewhat easier to defend, as there's a sentinel which guards the objective and the defenders get a goliath. Taking out the chaingun turrets should help the attackers.

Objective 3: Fortress Flanks: Another objective out in the open, and the attackers get a tank. The defenders get two turrets though! Try to take out the tank before it gets within range of the objective...

Objective 4: A very exposed communications installation. Again the attacking team have the advantage of a tank, as well as assorted other vehicles. If you're on the defending team, duck.

Objectives 5: Second armor production facility (2 objectives): Here the defending team gets more of an advantage, as the attacking team has to get their vehicles a fair distance around exposed ground - the defenders can take them out with AVRILs in the meantime. Additionally one of the objectives has a sentinel next to it and there are numerous chaingunn turrets...

Objective 6: Frontal force field generator: Both teams get Goliaths and Raptors. The attackers' spawn locations are also insanely near the target, so it's afairly intense battle.

Objective 7: Anti-Aircraft detection array: Another exposed objective. The defending team should try to take out the tanks before they make it up to the area where the objective is located, as there's only a chaingun turret there...

Objective 8: An exposed something or other. Amploy more or less the same strategy as for 7. Goliaths have to come down the side of the hil, leaving them exposed to AVRIL fire, though air support will help.

Objective 9: Airfield and military training camp: The latter is, again, fairly exposed and shouldn't be too hard to take out. The airfield requires driving a bit further, giving the defending team more of a chance to destroy the tanks before they get near it.

Objective 10: Command tower: Consisting of two objectives. Attacking team again get two tanks, but the defending team gets one as well.

Battle at the first objective
The attacking team move in...
Attackers destroy the frontal force field generator
Finally the last objective...
Game over!

Posted May 21, 2005 11:32 PM

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