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Vodafone overloading makes newspaper

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I noticed this morning that the Dominion Post had an item about how Vodafone's free TXT offer was overloading their cell network on the weekend. Messages came in twice sometimes, or hugely delayed. At one point I got a collection of 7 messages at once.

But rather than cancelling the offer, they threatened to suspend the service of anyone abusing the free weekend TXT offer, without really defining how many TXT messages constitutes abuse. I'm still mostly in awe of anyone who can type proficiently enough on those damn keyboards to send more than a half dozen messages.

Of course some phones have "predictive" TXTing, where you press buttons and it tries to guess what you're trying to type. I had a go of this recently and wasn't impressed - typing 2663 (COME) resulted in it predicting I was typing "BOND" (At least it got one letter right!). There ensued much cursing and backspacing.

Posted May 31, 2005 1:08 AM

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