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Bad Wolf

Filed in: Doctor Who.

Today's Doctor Who episode? Bloody good. From last week's preview, my expectations had been pretty low, but the episode itself far surpassed them. The only possible complaint I can think of is... (and I'm venturing into spoiler territory here, so the rest of the post will be under a cut...)

...that the ripping on reality television was about as subtle as Captain Jack...

Captain Jack is cool. Can we keep him? Please?

I posted on LiveJournal last week regarding the two-episode stories this week. Aliens of London and World War Three make up one story, but that story doesn't have its own title. Are we forever doomed to refer to it as "Aliens of London/World War Three"?

It would be nice to know for when we write the DiscContinuity Guide entries...

Posted June 12, 2005 8:33 PM

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