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Justice League: Starcrossed DVD is Frelled

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I bought the region 4 DVD of the Justice League episodes Starcrossed. Unfortunately episode 3 has the English soundtrack for episode 2 - the French and Hungarian soundtracks for that episode are correct. That doesn't help me much, as I don't speak French or Hungarian.

I attempted some web searches to see if anyone else had reported the problem yet, but can't find anything.

I'll try to find out who the Warner distributor is in NZ/Australia and see if I can get any information on whether this is a problem with all of the copies, and if so whether they're going to fix it. If not, I'll have to attempt to return it to Whitcoulls tomorrow (they're shut now...)

Ain't that just a bummer?

Edit: Warner's contact page is unhelpful. No email address - what is this? The 80s?

Edit2: I returned it to Whitcoulls. Unfortunately they didn't have another copy in stock, so I got my money back instead. Whitcoulls = Cool. I may try the Lower Hutt branch and see if they have a copy without the sound problem...

Edit3: Yup, looks like the whole printing is bad (see comments)

Posted June 19, 2005 4:18 PM

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we had the exact same problem. we bought a copy from whitcoulls in palmerston north and were really disappointed when we got to the third episode of StarCrossed and the 2nd episode's audio started playing. we hoped that this was just a one-off bad copy so went a bought a 2nd copy from a different store hoping that the 3rd episode would be watchable but of course that copy had exactly the same problem. we were so bummed out - we'll have to resort to watching it in Hungarian or something with subtitles just to see the conclusion of it. talk about annoyingly frustrating!

Posted by: Tracy and Matt | June 22, 2005 6:58 PM

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