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[picture of Voyager]

Above: The starship Voyager (from the episode Timeless) takes a short-cut through the space/time continuum.
Below: The TARDIS (from the Doctor Who title sequence) activates its Quantum Slipstream drive.

[picture of the TARDIS]

Tee hee hee! (Couple more pictures under the cut, the one from Doctor Who may be mildly spoilerly...)

[the view from Voyager] [the view from the TARDIS]

They're both blue (well, cyan in the case of the technobabble slipstream, but close enough), are tube-like, and have concentric rings. Of course the Voyager episode came first, but then the Doctor Who special effect is based on the Tom Baker opening from the 70s.

Also, there's the Stargate special effect for the wormhole, and basically there's only so many ways you can make a visibly moving tubular conduit for your ship to zip down anyway.

Oh, I'm going to bed...

Posted June 22, 2005 11:37 PM

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