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Borked: My Yahoo!

Filed in: Website Management.

[snapshot of Yahoo! Briefcase]

Along the lines of This is Broken: For as long as I've been using Yahoo! Briefcase, I've had the Briefcase status box on my My Yahoo! page. And for as long as I've had that box there, it has always displayed the same message: "Problem retrieving your personal information. Please try again later."

Clicking on "try again" doesn't do anything, so far as I can see...

Hell, that's not the only thing that's broken on Yahoo! I have the login expiry on Yahoo! mail set to 24 hours. This used to mean after 24 hours, I would have to re-enter my password to get back in. Apparently they have changed this. Now the routine is:

  1. I'm prompted to enter my password, which I do.
  2. I'm prompted to re-enter my user name, password, type in the text from a graphic, tick the "Remember my ID on this computer" (again).

However, at screen 1, I can hit the "sign in as a different user" link, and I'm taken to a screen where I'm prompted to re-enter my user name, password, and tick the "Remember my ID on this computer" - I.E. the second screen above except with no graphic. This doesn't make much sense to me at all - why have a device to stop robots from logging in if it's so easily circumvented? It just makes it harder for me, as a human, to use my Yahoo! mail...

Edit: Right as I was posting this, I went to add a file to my briefcase. There were two buttons at the bottom of the page:


So which one do I press?! (It's the one on the left, but you have to look at the source to find that out...)

Posted June 26, 2005 1:51 PM

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