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The State of the Tetrap

Filed in: Website Management.

Most of the traffic to the main part of my site, the www part, seems to be coming at the moment from people looking for LiveJournal icons. I can't think why that would be. :P Also, people really dig the Dalek mood icons. I still prefer the K9 icons, myself. But, like, the average hits to my site keeps going up by the week.

When I started on Host For Web in January '04, my site was using around 1.5GB per month. It's currently eating through 4GB per month... Fortunately my account allows for up to 50GB per month.

My favourite spammers, the Bulgarians switched from comment spam attempts to trackback spam attempts. They didn't notice when I renamed the trackback script and blocked all access attempts to the old one. Apparently they've given up as of the 29th, and I've had very few spam attempts since.

Sadly I think most of the people who googled in to the second item were wanting to build a real one, and #1 is probably people searchign for info on the new series. :P June also saw record traffic to the NZDWFC pages due mostly to the build-up to the Prime screenings, and the exposure this got the site in places like This Week in Doctor Who, which is posted to the newsgroup and several high-profile Who sites. Also the Prime Press Pack went up fairly late in the month, but still managed to get into the top 25 pages with some 143 hits. Himpressive.

Moby and Daft Punk both released new albums recently, and Mike and Enya are both working on new ones. Enigma is... well, who knows? Hopefully his next album won't have the same copy protection that stops me being able to play Voyageur (See also Hotel). Likewise, what Era are up to is not obvious from their Flashturbated site, which is still merrily promoting their 2003 album.

Posted July 2, 2005 3:35 PM

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