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Spammers are idiots

Filed in: Spam.

I discovered today that one particular spammer seems to be attempting to use the feedback script on the NZDWFC site to send spam. They have some sort of program set up to post crap to it, which is hitting my site daily, sometimes up to 30 times in the same day.

Sadly, because of the way they're calling the script, all they get back is a perminant redirect, which they're not bothing to follow, therefore it never actually gets to the point where the script runs. Of course, if they did follow the redirection, my script would give them a nice Access Denied error for being a spammer, but they don't know that unless they try it.


I see the features for Movable Type 3.2 include some nice spam-fighting stuff, like Trackback moderation and some sort of junk folder. I have my fingers crossed for OpenID support, but I suspect it won't appear until the next release...

Posted July 11, 2005 10:11 PM

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