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Inside the TARDIS rumblings

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There's rumblings over the Inside the TARDIS stage show on the NZDWFC board. Originally the tickets for the prime seats at the Wellington show were $79.90... then the Wellington show changed venue from the St James Theatre to the Opera House, and the ticket price has dropped to $36.50.

I'll be interested to see if Ticketek refunds any money for the balance of the tickets.

Of course, if you bought, say, a fridge and then saw it dropped in price by $200 the next week, that's hard luck, but then the show hasn't been on yet, and there's nothing stopping anyone from getting a refund, then buying tickets at the lower price...

Though what's more confusing to me is the idea that the arranged discount for NZDWFC members isn't, in fact, a special discount at all.

This is all very confuzulating, and doesn't make me trust Ticketek any more than I did after the Wellington Moby concert was cancelled a while back, due to "overseas commitments", and then he later appeared on TV saying he'd been spending the last week relaxing in NZ!

Posted July 27, 2005 10:54 PM

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