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Outing Spammers #3

Filed in: Spam.

Current trackback spammers attacking me:

  • - using Snoopy v1.0
  • - using Snoopy v1.2
  • - using Net::Trackback/1.01
  • - using Net::Trackback/1.01

Emailing's host doesn't appear to have done any good - their last spam attempt was on ther 13th. appears to be using a really old list of trackback urls to spam, is it's using the old mt-tb.cgi filename (which returns a 403). I'm also getting a lot of hits on entries using Net::Trackback/1.01 as a user agent from three IP addresses in the 69.50.*.* range, which resolve to These may be the software collecting URLs to trackback spam. is new and was first seen here on the 14th... The IP address doesn't resolve but five trackbacks got through to MT's junk folder, and registration info on the domain they spammed ( is:

Andre (
Italy, Rome
Tel. +34.3467####

I really hate when they have fake details. Takes the fun out of it. It was registered through Yes, I think that explains the hits from BANNED!

Posted September 15, 2005 7:40 PM


Spammers are so annoying.. I get hit once in a while. Couple of weeks ago I had about 300-400 spam entries within a two day period that I had to delete. Good thing that WordPress has great spam plugins, and it takes a few keystrokes to get rid of spam. I think out of all those tries, maybe 1 got through, and I was luckily working on the blog, so I deleted it within 5 minutes of posting.

I guess once these spammers look for the posts the next day, to see how successfull the latest attempt was, (in my blogs case, how they got denied) :-D they must remove my blog from the list, cause for a few weeks I really don't get many tries.

Of course they have to try again.. So they get denied again, and around and round we go.. hehehe

Posted by: jay4dataste | September 16, 2005 12:10 PM

This is why I like MT 3.2 as well. The few spams they get past my htaccess blocks end up in the junk folder and never turn up on the site. I guess mine aren't clever enough to know when they've been licked. :)

Posted by: Alden Bates | September 16, 2005 12:42 PM

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