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Upgrading to eFiction 2

Filed in: Website Management.

Tonight I spent upgrading A Teaspoon and an Open Mind to eFiction 2, because I found a post on the eFiction forum indicating that there were security holes in 1.1 which could allow people to view other user's passwords.

Looking at my previous entries on eFiction (keep in mind I'm only studying the code briefly here):

  • Fixing the Teaspoon - The disappearing help text appears to be fixed in this version, but I can't tell whether they've implemented anything to fix Mac posting.
  • eFiction sucks part 2 - I don't see any error handling for when the database is down, or when the story file is unable to be written.

Another thing I fixed a while back was the javascript on the "add story" page. There are two methods of uploading a story: write it in a textarea, or upload it as a text or html file. If you select the textarea, it disables uploading, and vice versa, but there's no way to switch, short of starting over.

At some point I will go back and reinsert my fixes... I'm sure the users will be kept busy by the many and varied new features the authors have added to the software in the meantime.

Posted December 7, 2005 10:05 PM

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