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Outing scumbags

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OK, A scant couple of days after we upgraded Teaspoon to a more secure version of eFiction, we were hacked into. The hackers used an exploit in eFiction to break in and add some code to one of the files. I have patched the exploit in the version of eFiction on our site, and notified the eFiction authors.

The hacker (who had a Russian IP address) changed a file to insert a 1x1 iframe on every page on the site. The URL they used was malformed and didn't work, but would have pointed at, which tried to load a Trojan onto the target's PC.

The registration info on is:
Ezhi Brozkevitsh
Al. Armii Ludowej 24
Warszawa 00-609

I'm presuming he pays hackers to put code onto sites so he can infect PCs for whatever nefarious purpose.

Edit: the eFiction authors have already issued a security patch. :)

Posted December 11, 2005 1:27 PM

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