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UT Review: Galadriël System

Filed in: Unreal Tournament.

Level: ONS-Galadriël-System
Type: Onslaught
Download Size: 9.44 MB
Rating: 8/10
Downloaded from: Unreal Tournament Files (File Front)

Description: Zooming about in space in flying saucers to Jarre. Weeeeeeeee!

Possibly the most fun I've had in a while. The two power cores are located on the rings of Saturn-like planets, while the power nodes are located on moons, asteroids, and one on the big Mars-type planet in the middle. To get between the power nodes, each node is supplied with two flying saucers. Flying around in these is so fun it's easy to forget about actually capturing nodes, and just zip around asteroids, buzz planets, etc.

Each saucer is equiped with guided missiles and Raptor-esque pulses. There are also some tanks, Hellbenders and Paladins which you can drive in a highly-inaccurate manner on the planetary rings. It's fun, dammit!

It also got me thinking that if one put one's mind to it, it would probably be easy to turn the flying saucers into, say, Star Trek ships and really get geeky.

Unfortunately when I first downloaded the level, it had a few problems: The botpath between the south-most ringed planet and the nearest power node is busted, so the bots can't play the level properly. Also the default node layout is bizarrely unbalanced. I opened the level up in UnrealEd and was able to fix the first problem, but I have no clue how to fix the latter one... The author may issue a later version? The game also crashed with an error while I was recording a demo, but that was the only time it crashed, so I'm not sure if that was the map, the demo, or the fact I'd been fiddling with the level in UnrealEd...

There are two node maps supplied with it - the aforementioned default linkup, and the Orion layout, which has choke-point layout.

Driving tanks on planetary rings

Zipping about in flying saucers

Zipping about in flying saucers

Zipping about in flying saucers

Mind the step

Posted January 7, 2006 12:49 PM

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