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The Inevitable Cell Phone Wallpaper Question

Filed in: Misc.

Since I now have a WAP-capable cell phone, the obvious step of making a WAP version of occurred to me. But what to put on it? Phone wallpapers? I googled and searched, but no one seems to have a list of what resolutions are common for cell phone screens. Interweb, you have failed me!

I found the same question had been asked on Wallpaper Junkie with the response "128x172". Looking at free wallpaper sites yielded various different sizes: 120x160, 132x176, 208x176, 276x132. My own cell phone appears to take wallpapers which are around 128 by 128 (Though it crops the top and bottom and prints "Vodafone" in big letters on it, so more like 128 by 96).

While I suspect it would be nigh-on impossible to get hold of statistics regarding which models are most widely used, has a handy feature where you can select a make and model and it'll provide you with wallpapers in the correct resolution for your phone. I took the liberty of looking at which dimensions were most prevalent:

Resolution  # models
Rest<= 5

This leads me to conclude that I couldn't go far wrong in providing wallpapers in the top 4 or 5 resolutions.

Posted January 18, 2006 8:24 PM Site Map