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Captain Scarlet

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On a somewhat more advanced note than Lost in Space, today I watched the first four episodes of the recent Captain Scarlet remake.

In ther original, Captain Scarlet (member of elite security organisation SPECTRUM) was rendered invulnerable by the Mysterons. The Mysterons dwell in a city on Mars, and were provoked by humans into starting a war whereby they wish to destroy Earth and its inhabitants. The original show was done using puppets. The new show is done using CGI, and it's allowed the makers to do much more than could have been done int her original.

The updated Mysteron city looks gloriously like something from a movie rather than a TV series. In fact, all four of the episodes felt more like half-hour movies instead of episodes of a TV show. In the fourth episode, our heroes go to Mars to rescue some scientists, and the production all the way through feels more like a big-budget motion picture.

Seems to be the in-thing in Britain at the moment to do remakes that blow everything else out of the water. Excellent. :)

Posted February 5, 2006 3:13 PM

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