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DVD score!

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I had a voucher for the DVD of the Wallace and Grommit movie The Curse of the Were-Rabbit at Whitcoulls, so I ambled in this lunchtime to pick it up. Which I was grabbing it off the shelf, I noticed they had the complete animated series of Peter Chung's Aeon Flux, so I grabbed that too. Then when I got to the counter, I was told that there was a current special: buy Curse of the Were-Rabbit and get Chicken Run for $5. I have no resistence to that sort of thing. :)

But I did fill up my Whitcoulls DVD loyalty card, so my next DVD is free. But after that, I'm not allowed in Whitcoulls for the rest of the month. :)

Posted March 2, 2006 6:23 PM

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