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Xtra Broadband speeds

Filed in: Internet.

Xtra here in NZ have been making a big fuss over how they've finally brought their broadband service speeds up to a 1/3 of world standard instead of only 1/30th. Of course, I'm not seeing any difference at all, because we've burned through the paltry 10GB data cap which Xtra insists on placing on accounts. Our connection (shared between three computers) is therefore currently choked back to worse than dial-up speeds, and web pages are taking 5 minute or so to load. An online transaction I was attempting to make timed out because the connection was so slow.

So, will the extra speed which Xtra has provided just mean we burn through the 10GB monthly allowance faster?

Perhaps they should change their name from 'Xtra' to 'Less'.

Posted April 2, 2006 5:18 PM

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