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The War Against Spam

Filed in: Spam.

So, what losers do we currently have trying to spam attack my weblog?

The Bulgarian twins

  • Two attack modes:
    1. Irregularly referrer spams, always to the same URL on my site, mostly poker-related URLs but also some financial/pill sites. Easy to block at the .htaccess level.
    2. They've been hitting mt-tb.cgi fairly constantly, despite getting error 403s (I renamed the script over a year ago).
  • Registration info leads back to and which both resolve to the same IP as (See previous post on the Bulgarian twins).
  • See also: Chris's Wiki: Those amusing Referer spammers

Kazakhstan spammer Timur Tasbulatov

Russian spammer Mike Tison

  • Comment spams with porn URLs.
  • Has a script which is easily fooled by my on-page measures, but cluster-bombs and loads entries a lot which uses bandwidth.
  • He attempted to spam me using an MSN spaces URL, but the email address used is identical to one I found spamming a subdomain domain. That domain uses name servers belonging to one of the domains on the page linked below.
  • See also : Spamhuntress Wiki: Mike Tison

But, despite all that, I remain spam free.

Posted April 4, 2006 10:45 PM

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