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The War Against Spam Part 2

Filed in: Spam.

My apologies, one of the points in the MO described in the entry for Mike Tison last time is actually the MO of Alexander Morozov. Morozov is the one clusterbombing pages.

Alexander Morozov

  • Comment spams with porn URLs. He and the Bulgarians are together responsible for most of the spam hits on my site.
  • Has a script which is easily fooled by my on-page measures, but cluster-bombs and loads entries a lot which uses bandwidth.
  • As well as the above, the queries he makes to the comment script can be over 11kb in length, including the text twice as a text parameter and a comment parameter. Other parameters used include sk2_time, sk2_my_js_check1, currency_code, business, domains, and item_name. May be a multi-purpose script.
  • .com domains spammed: novusdelta, legacyart
  • .org domains spammed: holyroodarchaeology
  • see also: Spamhuntress Wiki: Dyakon (He's using a (fake?) New York address in domain registrataions now)

Other .com domains spammed:

  • 888pokerguru via comment, registered to "Liron Snir" in Israel.
  • homeequityloan-zz via trackback, registered to "Javier Navarrete" in Florida (See also: Spamhuntress Wiki: Florida comcast spammer)
  • northvip via comment, registered to "Somer" ( in Minsk, Belarus

The "Liron Snir" spam actually got to the point where it was almost posted! The domain's now in my blacklist of course.

Posted April 6, 2006 8:49 PM



I was looking for info about "sk2_my_js_check1" as for some strange reason I saw that at one page of mine (can't recall anymore which one) the same script was part of the page code. I actuallly was getting troubled as I saw in my visitor stats referrers from Google and MSN results with site description that didn't make sense at all. Well, they did make sense but it was all about warez etc.

Ok, long story short and I hope I don't bother you too much with it, but how did you find about these spammers and did they also spam related SERPS descriptions. And last not least, is this vulnerability fixable as far as you?

Well, thanks for reading this and I totally understand if my questions are a bit too much.



Posted by: Gemme | July 21, 2006 12:35 AM

That sounds to me like someone had hacked into your site and made some modifictions to it. :/

The spammers hit a decoy comment script on my site. They basically posted a dozen or so different parameters, I guess to cover all bases in trying to get their comment posted. The parameters included:


I suspect that in this case sk2 is a reference to Spam Karma 2, an anti-spam plugin for WordPress...

Posted by: Alden Bates | July 22, 2006 2:33 PM

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