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TSV 36

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Tonight I got Time/Space Visualiser issue 36 online. A celebration of the show's thirtieth anniversary, the issue included a story guide and a history of Doctor Who related events covering the time the show had been off the air. In an article somewhat topical to now (with the release of "The Beginning" as a box set) titled An Unearthly Pilot Episode, Jon Preddle examined the differences between An Unearthly Child and the version as originally filmed.

On the book front, there are more reviews for the New Adventures from Deceit through to The Left-Handed Hummingbird, and a major article on the creation of Timeframe written by David Howe.

As Paul points out, TSV 36 is the halfway mark in archiving issues online, at least until issue 73 comes out later this month!

I've basically got the whole of the NZDWFC site converted to XHTML! The only thing left is the Editor's Log which is still using the default Wordpress template - I still need to find out how templates work in Wordpress...

Posted April 9, 2006 9:08 PM

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