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The Show Us Your Desktop Meme

Filed in: Misc.

Pinched off Pete Wisdom: When you see this post, upload an image of your current desktop.


Though I may change that wallpaper soon: It's slightly unnerving having Billie Piper staring at me all the time.

Edit: It occured to me that the wallpaper on that screen shot was possibly a bit spoilery seeing as that episode of Doctor Who only played a day or so ago, so here's a screenshot with somewhat less spoilerly wallpaper:


The only drawback being I now have both Billie and David Tennant staring at me.

Edit: Note, if you want a proper copy of the wallpapers I'm using there without the icons and crap, you can find them in the BBC website's Doctor Who gallery.

Posted May 1, 2006 9:51 PM

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