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oncasinogame spammer

Filed in: Spam.

This comment spammer has been hitting my weblog the last couple of days. An attack involves him hitting the same post a dozen times or so and posting a handful of spam comments. The comments all look the same:

Hi, guys. Very nice site! I saw some interesting pages:

(ten links using [url= format)
(ten links using <a href= format)
(ten bare URLs)
Please look it! Thank.

The comments are all signed "Aariz (". Both the and domains he uses are hosted in Dallas, Texas, and have the same whois information:

alex gudsf (
tverskay street 43

Only a google search for turned up anything other than spam, but the pages are all in Russian, which I can't read. Though one included an ICQ number which had little extra information other than the nickname "Scrim", and he's been posting on a Russian forum as "dimvols".

Posted June 4, 2006 11:48 AM

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