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Perl and NZ's government

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Although I taught myself to write Perl a couple of years ago, I hadn't actually picked up a perl reference book until about a week ago when I started writing some Perl code at work. The upshot is that I now realise how dodgy some of the code is that I've been writing for my site in my spare time. :P

So in the spirit of making my code non-dodgy, last weekend I rewrote the NZDWFC page's search functionality almost completely. Surprisingly, I do this for fun...

The other topic I'm writing this entry about is one of the many silly things that the New Zealand government has been up to recently:

Since each political party needs to do campaigning, they're allocated taxpayer money to do it with. They're only allowed to spend a specific amount on campaigning, in order to keep things fair. All of the parties managed to overspend their budgets during the election last year and the Auditor General has slapped them all with bills for the amount they need to pay back.

The Labour party, which is currently in power, overspent the most and was slapped with a bill in excess of $800,000. So far they've come up with a few ideas on paying it back: public donations, and via the Labour MPs paying a portion of their pay packet towards it (though as mentioned on the news, they're up for another raise soon which will cancel it out anyway). However on tonight's news it was revealed that Labour is working on getting the law changed so their insane overspending is no longer illegal.

It must be great to be a politician. Not only do you get to change the rules if you don't like them, but you can even vote yourself a pay rise on the taxpayer.

Posted October 17, 2006 7:05 PM

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