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TSV 42

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Onto the first issue for 1995 - TSV 42 would have come out right after I finished university, in fact. Among the major items this time are a guide to the Doctor Who annuals, a script to screen on The Happiness Patrol, and an article on the TARDIS key. There's also a follow-up to TSV 41's Lovecraft article this time examining the Cthulhu references in the new adventure All-Consuming Fire, which makes a nifty counterpoint to an article from TSV 58 which has been online for a while and examines the Sherlock Holmes side of the same book.

I had one item in this issue, a "Dr Hoo" cartoon which no doubt shows off the fact I had no photo-references for the control room from Planet of Fire. Note also that the Doctor is always facing away from us so I didn't have to attempt to draw his face (the Master's a lot easier - just slap a goatee on him) and Tegan doesn't appear at all despite the Doctor mentioning her in frame 1!

And that was the last Dr Hoo strip I did for TSV, though I've done one or two other cartoons - the latest being Dr Who in "The Crap Pun", a collaboration with Jeff Stone which appeared in TSV 73 which you can order in paper form...

Next time, in TSV 43: Andy Lane, Paul Cornell, Steven Moffat and David Bishop; the return of TARDIS Tales, More than 30 Years in the TARDIS, and lots of other cool stuff. :)

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Posted January 14, 2007 9:05 PM

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