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Our first contestant this evening posts has been mentioned here

So far he's been posting roughly once a day, leaving comments which start off with phrases like "Pleasse Do not delete this urls , i need money for my child", "Please Do not delete it , I need lots of money urgent.", and "Do not delete it please. I need money urgent". He uses as a link, probably to trigger whitelisting, but his comments a filled with links to message boards on (I'm sent an email to their abuse address), The email addresses he uses are along the lines of,,, etc.

The message board links all redirect to pages on the domain (I've just informed their web host). Whois information is mostly blank, but there is this:

Registrant Name: Alexey Tesliuk
Registrant Organization: BelPromStroy
Registrant Country: BY (Belarus)
Registrant Email:

I have no idea if that's valid info or not. There's a Belpromstroy bank in Minsk...

Contestant number two posts using hotmail addresses like and, but all other information is randomised. Comments consist of a random text string followed by four URLs in various formats consisting of links to files on site which allow file uploads. These links redirect to and Both domains have their details protected by WhoisGuard - I've sent them two reports, and also sent abuse reports to the web-hosts the two sites are on.

Posted January 23, 2007 6:49 PM

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