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Aggressive Spammer Scripts

Filed in: Spam.

I have one spammer who has a comment spamming script which regularly pounds on my site. This script hits from four IP addresses sending up to 40 requests per second and despite only getting 403 access denied responses, has not given up. The IP addresses are:

  • - owned by the Hard Rock Cafe in Kuwait.
  • - owned by the Kujtesa Network in Kosova.
  • - owned by "Lebanese Besources for Car Spare parts Co.", part of QualityNet Kuwait.
  • - Same ownership as

I attempted to communicate with the owners of the IP addresses to try to get this sorted:

  • The cafe in Kuwait: They don't have a web page, and their email address on the Hard Rock Cafe web site bounces with a "not a valid mailbox" error. I got another email address from the HRC site's customer care team... which bounced with "mailbox unavailable".
  • Kujtesa Network: No response yet.
  • QualityNet Kuwait: The email address on the RIPE whois bounced with the error "Over quota". I forwarded it to their support email address from their site. No response yet.

Another spammer (or possibly the same one) is also trying to spam from an IP address from (see also Spacesquad Anti-Spam service). An email to their abuse address I sent on the 1st remains unanswered.

So where does that leave me? At least these spammers are using a small number of consistent IP addresses, so perhaps my last resort is to ask my web host whether I can get them blocked at the firewall level...

Posted February 10, 2007 10:22 PM


I know how difficult it can be to stop access to a spammer. I have setup blocklists for all three areas. which include the web server, the mail server and the firewall. I also use spamx that has been intigrated into the website to stop spam posters. So I know where your coming from and its taken a short time for me to get things finely tuned to get it just right. There are constantly new and updated features that I offer on my site to help others figure out the best solutions that work for them. Keep visiting and looking things over.

Spacequad Anti-Spam Services

Posted by: Ironmax | October 13, 2007 2:26 AM

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