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TSV 44

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Yes, it's time for another issue of TSV! Now that TSV 44 is online, there are only 20 issues of TSV (45-64) which aren't currently available either online or in print. Issue 44 contains (amongst many, many excellent items): a scathing indictment of the New Adventures, an article on the many and varied hoaxes perpetrated on Doctor Who fans, the making of the Dark Dimension, and a response to the Seeds of Doom article from last issue.

I had two pieces in this issue. A Masterful Life is an attempt to detail the Master's life. I've updated this a bit before putting it online to cover some of the more notable canonical appearances of the Master since 1995. The other piece was this montage of the Master which I did to accompany said article. The only bit of that artwork I'm really happy with is the Cyberman. Ah well, c'est la vie.

Also in this issue is Morgan Davie's Doctor Who story generator, which I've embellished by adding an automatic generator to the bottom using Javascript. Unfortunately I was only able to test it in Internet Explorer and Firefox, so if it doesn't work in your favourite browser, please let me know.

I decided that this, too, needed updating, so I've created an automatic story generator you can use to get started on your script for the new Doctor Who series being made in Wales!

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Posted March 3, 2007 5:31 PM

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