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Gmail says what?!

Filed in: Internet.

I've been missing a few emails (mostly from mailing lists) sent to my gmail account. Now, at the bottom of the page whenever I access my gmail account is something like "You are currently using 33 MB (1%) of your 2831 MB." so you'd assume by that that there isn't a problem with disk space, however Yahoo groups says that the emails have been bouncing with the following error:
Remote host said: 552 5.2.2 User over quota 26si6202460aga [RCPT_TO]

There's a Gmail help center but I couldn't find anything relevant (even searching for "over quota" didn't help). I've reported it to Gmail support, so we'll see what happens...

Mind you, it looks like this is a common problem. Yahoo blogged that they're working on it with Google, but that was several days ago now...

Posted March 24, 2007 12:35 PM


Computer says nooooooo....

Posted by: Bash Hardcastle | April 2, 2007 1:12 AM

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