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Great new feature: type URLs yourself!

Filed in: Internet.

Actual text from the Network Solutions whois page: [screenshot]

Announcing a great NEW feature for WHOIS users -- you can now start a WHOIS query directly in your browser!

Use the format: and you'll come directly to our results page. Stay tuned for more useful features coming soon to WHOIS!!!

So... typing a URL manually into your browser is a "great NEW feature"? Man, the boffins at Mozilla are going to be fuming that they didn't think of THAT one....

Posted March 30, 2007 2:17 AM


Hey, it works with Google too! Look, just type:

This is, like, SO convenient! I mean, I used to have to click in the box right next to that and enter "your search term" to do that... or just enter "your search term" into the address bar...


On a more serious note, why don't they make a Search Box browser plugin? What with that OpenSearch xml schema, it's apparently becoming increasingly browser-independent, and if they're going for convenience, they can't do much to beat that.

Of course, if they want an easy to type URL, the first thing they could do is use URL rewriting to make that thing cleaner - say,

Posted by: Arancaytar | March 30, 2007 8:54 AM

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