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TSV 46

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And a month to the day since TSV 45 went online the next issue (appropriately titled TSV 46) has gone up on the web site.

Issue 46 was the first to feature a flash new version of the TSV logo, not to mention a return to the colour covers. Inside, there's the second half of the Andrew Cartmel interview (which reminds me to go add a link from the first half), another comic strip titled Monkey House, another Tardis Tales featuring the usual mayhem, and boatloads of reviews.

Of course, what I really like about this issue is there's not only pictures of Tetraps, but also a rare piece of artwork of my favourite companion, Mel Bush. Due to the fact they were reprinted from an earlier issue, the review of Time and the Rani aren't actually reproduced here, but they're already in the index as part of TSV 6.

This issue also contains the news that Paul McGann had been cast as the Doctor for a TV movie being filmed in Vancouver. Somehow it's strange to remember that this issue came out more than ten years ago now... I feel old. :)

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Posted May 7, 2007 8:44 PM

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