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The return of Tardis Tales

Filed in: Doctor Who.

Tardis Tales: Attack of the 50ft DalekAdam (current editor of TSV) reported on the message boards that Tardis Tales is returning to the fanzine as of the next issue. Tardis Tales is a comic strip which ran in TSV for just about all of its first ten years - most of its run is now online in the archive. It's good to see the strip making a return. I'm sure the new series of Doctor Who has given Graham a lot of new ideas.

With that and the return of Doctor's Dilemma last issue, what's next? More Exegesis? :)

Coincidentally I was actually considering writing a Tardis Tales drabble for the challenge Jamas issued in TSV 74 but it seems kinda academic now...

Posted May 11, 2007 10:10 PM

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