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Doctor Who plus Google Trends 2

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Around about a year ago, I wrote about Google trends, and posted a graph showing the trend for the search term "Doctor Who", and mapping it to the screenings of the show. I thought it might be interesting to revisit that now that the data for 2006 is in. Here's 2005 again for comparison:

[2005 trends]

The positions of the episode screenings are approximate, since Google only marks down as far as the months. You might also notice that the end-of-series spike seems to be a lot bigger than on the graph I posted last year. What's up with that, Google?

Here's 2006:

[2006 trends]

Interestingly there's a huge peak right when "Army of Ghosts" was screening, though if you compare the two graphs, it looks like there were less searches for series 2. However this is entirely due to the fact that Google doesn't label their Y axis. If you look at the combined graph for 2005/2006, you can see the line's a lot higher for most of series 2 than it was for series 1, with the "Army of Ghosts" peak almost twice as high as series 1 got.


Unfortunately Google Trends only has search data up to February this year, so no series 3 indicators yet...

Posted May 18, 2007 8:40 PM

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