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UT Review: Utopia

Filed in: Unreal Tournament.

I wasn't planning to do another Unreal Tournament review so soon after the last one, but this level was just so darn pretty. Thus, screencap review:

Assault: Utopia
Author: Rob Hartley

Utopia is the story of the attack and destruction of a scenic village and its sacred historic landmarks. The drawback, you see, of making an Unreal Tournament level this beautiful, is that the purpose of the game is to blow things up. There's no tour at the start of the match to instruct you on what to do, so the tour (with explosions) is as follows:

[town gates]
First assault the gates. The lookout tower you see to the left provides an excellent view of the valley, and also a good vantage point for shooting people.

[The town]
Up ahead you'll see the picturesque village nestled in equally picturesque surroundings.

[The town ON FIRE!]
Wood gives a traditional look to a house, and also burns really well.

[Polluting the well]
While you're there, throw slime down their well. (Oddly, this is not one of the objectives).

[Statue #1]
Next, destroy the villagers' sacred statue. Why? BECAUSE WE CAN!

[Forest path]
Although you've burned the village to the ground and destroyed their sacred statue, the villagers still have two more statues! Make your way down the path down behind the village to the second statue.

[Status #2]
The second statue stands on an island in the centre of a pond...

[Status #3]
While the third statue is at the far end of the path. But we're not done yet, oh no!

[Sacred Tree]
In a clearing nearby is this majestic sacred tree which has been growing there for hundreds of years. Hand me the explosives.

[Sacred Tree ON FIRE!]
As previously mentioned, wood burns really well. I hope you remembered to bring the marshmallows.

That concludes the tour. You can, if you like, download the level here.

Posted May 26, 2007 3:02 PM

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