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I happened upon the Kinja page for this weblog (they haven't updated the URL, despite the 301 redirect, but that's not uncommon - Technorati have it listed twice) and noticed that Kinja pages seem to have a list of links along the top to subjects related to the blog they're indexing. The list of links for mine reads:
search - yahoo - conservative - featured - google - gossip - media - new york - open source - security

From what I can gather from Kinja's help pages, these are tags applied by site users, so it appears someone there thinks my weblog is New York related... Maybe it's because I've written about Moby a couple of times? And what does "featured" mean?

Most of the others I can see, but "conservative"? I hardly ever write about political stuff! #drwhochat, an IRC channel I've hung around in forever, has a rule about no political discussion because they never end well, and that's a rule I've brought over to here, because I really like avoiding flame wars.

That's a very confusing listing.

Edit: I contacted Kinja and they've corrected the URL on the listing - cool! Thanks, guys! :)

Posted June 15, 2007 9:00 PM

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