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TSV 48

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TSV 48 is now online. Between issue 47 and this issue (published in August 1996), three notable events occurred in the world of Doctor Who.

1.) the TV Movie, also known variously as "Doctor Who: The Movie" and "The Enemy Within", the first new television Doctor Who in some 7 years. As you might expect, there's reviews of the TV Movie itself, the novelisations, and the script book, as well as an article on the cuts made to the BBC video and even a speculative piece written by Neil Lambess on who the Doctor's mother is. Yes.

2.) Jon Pertwee sadly passed away, so there's a biography, tributes, and an item on the Telecom commercials which Jon did back in 1986. These would make a good DVD extra, if the BBC can get their hands on copies...

3.) The Virgin New Adventures put out their fiftieth novel, Happy Endings, so there's an interview with author Paul Cornell and a review, as well as an interview with Lance Parkin, who was to write the last Doctor Who New Adventure before Virgin lost the licence, and who's book A History of the Universe was also reviewed.

There's nothing from me in this issue, but several pieces in the next, which is also the longest issue of TSV so far...

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Posted July 8, 2007 8:11 PM

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