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What's this road sign?

Filed in: Tetrap.Local.

I've noticed a few of these along State Highway 2 on my way home:

[grapes road sign]

Not the 2 shield, the thing under it that looks like a bunch of grapes (Yes, I stopped and took a picture. Because I could).

I couldn't find anything about it on the LTSA's page concerning signs. On the back was a sticker indicating it had been manufactured by Approach Signs Ltd, as did the 2 shield. I couldn't find anything about it in their catalogue, but brown appears to be the colour for touristy signs.

Current best theory is that it's a reference to the Wairarapa vineyards as there aren't any vineyards in either Upper or Lower Hutt. I would have thought that the Wairarapa would be a bit far for informational signs like that though...

Second best theory is it means "1,000 point Pacman bonus ahead".

Edit: Aha! It looks like it's The Classic New Zealand Wine Trail!

Posted November 22, 2007 8:09 PM


Without spending time I don't have googling local body sites... I'd guess that this would be some sort of promotional thing for some road starting at Wellington, going through the Wairarapa and ending up somewhere in Hawke's Bay. We've got something similar here... the "Southern Scenic Route" with a somewhat unfortunate logo (it's obviously supposed to look like a road winding into the distance, but, being a similar shade of brown to your picture, it just looks like a cowpat).

Posted by: southerndave | November 22, 2007 11:50 PM

don't have those here, but I'd say it either means a winery or a vineyard somewhere ahead. Unless New Zealand is creating a "wine route" which would mean that road is part of their "see the wineries of New Zealand (and etc.. )

Posted by: Kiri | November 23, 2007 5:00 AM

Maybe they are saying "Driving on State Highway 2? Why not have a drink?"

[Good news, anyone searching for "road sign grapes" gets your post as the first entry!]

Posted by: Thad Ritchards | November 23, 2007 7:08 AM

I think we have an answer! Post amended, and thanks, guys! :)

Posted by: Alden | November 23, 2007 8:09 AM

It means that you are on a 'wine trail'.

Posted by: Bash Hardcastle | November 27, 2007 6:36 PM

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