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Blatant publicity stunt ahoy!

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[Kylie Minogue]

In the paper this morning was this item: Kylie wants Wellington strip club poster removed.

London lawyers for pop princess Kylie Minogue have demanded a Wellington strip club remove what it says is a picture of the singer from its window.

Clear cut case! But the owner claims that the picture is not, in fact, of Kylie Minogue:

He said his designer downloaded the image from an internet site three months ago and used it for a window poster. It was not labelled as a photograph of Minogue and he said he could not see the resemblance.

After a five minutes googling, I found said picture on a wallpaper site, clearly marked as being a picture of Kylie Minogue. You can see it on this post, tastefully cropped so you can't see her boobies, so this blog doesn't get an NC17 rating. But even without looking, she's pretty recognisable.

"I'm not convinced, eh? What would a nice girl like Kylie be doing in a wet top like that?"

Has he seen the lingerie calendars she's put out? I smell a publicity stunt.

Posted December 5, 2007 6:58 PM

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