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TSV 53

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Last Saturday, TSV issue 53 (published March 1998) went online. One of the two items I had published in this issue isn't up on the site - this was a brief note about NZDWFC web site:

"At time of writing, there are subscription information and contact details already up, and at time of printing, there should be a club history up as well. Also planned are a news page (mainly to detail upcoming conventions and chapter events - this will need the help of event organisers.) and a small archive of some of the articles and artwork which have appeared in TSV. Comments are welcome and appreciated."

"Small archive". Heh heh heh... That was the first time the website's URL appeared in the fanzine.

The other item was a comic strip which I co-wrote with Peter Adamson, and which he drew, called Dominion. It's one of only two comic strips I know of which feature companion Melanie Bush in a major role (the other being the DWM comic Plastic Millennium, which appeared in one of their specials).

Sadly, I don't still have the emails which flew back and forth between me and Peter during the writing of Dominion, but from memory he approached me with the idea of co-writing the comic strip. We wrote alternate panels and edited each other's work, with Peter also writing the first page pre-credit teaser and adding in a bunch of neat little touches, like the Nedla on the billboard the Doctor hides behind on page 10 (though admittedly I wasn't keen on this at the time!). I suspect I was responsible for several of the Dominators being named after game characters - Kano being from Mortal Kombat, and Rahn being an enemy wizard from Magic Carpet 2. Peter's designs are awesome, of course. Especially Anzor's costume and the flying Quarks.

And it has Mel dressed as a Dominatrix!

Also appearing in TSV 53 was A Question of Answers - a piece written by DWM Archivist Andrew Pixley which took a look at various esoteric questions relating to the history of Doctor Who. One of the questions he mentions that has never been answered is "Who was originally cast as Sarah Jane Smith?", and Andrew suggests some likely names, though naturally this is only speculation.

So, go read TSV 53. :)

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Posted December 11, 2007 2:06 PM


Hi Ald!

I think I might still have the Dominion script in a file somewhere actually! IIRC we alternated pages rather than panels (which makes more sense to me - I think we did the same on the other strip we collaborated on, The Daak Dimension), and I don't recall who named Kano. If it was me he'd have been named after the character in 2000AD's 'Bad Company'! I was pleased with the Dominator designs, but not the lack of visual continuity on the major characters (a problem I still have today). Rahn was supposed to be based on Richard E Grant in 'Pret a Porta'. Sorry about the Nedla - I recall you weren't mad on the redesign for TDD either...

I think it was my intention that the strip was supposed to be followed up in some way at a later point, possibly with the Seventh, then the Eighth Doctors. Ah well!

Posted by: Peter A | January 17, 2008 6:41 AM

I think you're right about alternating pages. No need to be apologetic about the Nedla, really. :)

Posted by: Alden | January 17, 2008 7:43 AM

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