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TSV 54

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TSV 54 is online! 54 was done as a double issue with TSV 53, hence the lack of regular features such as the editorial.

The major article this time is Andrew Pixley's article By Any Other Name, exploring 60s BBC documentation to discover exactly what the names for the first twenty or so Doctor Who stories are. Back then, like now, each episode was individually named, and it wasn't until later in William Hartnell's era that stories were given an overall name onscreen. Thus the first Doctor Who story is known variously as "An Unearthly Child", "The Tribe of Gum", or "100,000 BC" with the title used in any particular reference book depending largely on when it was written and who it was written by.

Unfortunately it looks like they couldn't really decide on a title at the time, at least for most of the stories, so I tend to stick with the traditional titles as applied to the official BBC video and DVD releases. I'm therefore sticking to "An Unearthly Child" for Serial A. :)

There's also another comic strip, titled Whispers and featuring the fifth Doctor and Turlough. And an opinion piece by David Lawrence titled Why Paul McGann is the Best Doctor, though I'd be willing to bet that he's revised his opinion since the new series began...

I had two articles in TSV 54: Confessions of a Melaphile, and a collaboration with Peter Adamson and Jon Preddle: An Addition to the Discontinuity Guide: Slipback, both of which have been online for some time as part of the Mel Bush page and DiscContinuity Guide, respectively.

See also: write-ups by Paul and Jamas.
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Posted January 28, 2008 7:36 PM

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